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Lindsey Graham’s Anti-Impeachment Resolution Is Supported By 39 GOP Senators Spelling Doom For Dems

Lindsey Graham is calling out the Democrats in the House and their irregular impeachment process. While that is not new, he just announced that he has the support of 39 GOP Senators for his resolution.

Those are great numbers for Trump as he prepares for the inevitable – an impeachment trial in the Senate. The resolution says:i


the House has on three occasions moved to formally investigate whether sufficient grounds exist to impeach a President, and in all three of these cases, the full House voted on a resolution authorizing the House Judiciary Committee to determine whether to impeach the President; Whereas


in the case of President Trump, a formal impeachment process involving debate and a vote by the full House prior to taking each step in the process has been replaced by a press conference by the Speaker of the House; Whereas the proposition that the Speaker acting alone may direct committees to initiate impeachment proceedings without any debate or a vote on the House floor is unprecedented and undemocratic; Whereas the House is denying President Trump due process within the ‘‘inquiry’’ itself; Whereas, for the impeachment investigations of President Richard M. Nixon and President William J. Clinton, the House Judiciary Committee adopted rules of procedure to provide due process rights and ensure fairness; Whereas these rights included—

(1) allowing the President to be represented by counsel;

(2) permitting the President’s counsel to be present at all hearings and depositions;

(3) permitting the President’s counsel to present evidence and object to the admission of evidence;

(4) allowing the President’s counsel to call and cross-examine witnesses; and

(5) giving the President’s counsel access to, and the ability to respond to, the evidence adduced by the Committee; Whereas, by contrast, the House’s current impeachment ‘‘inquiry’’ provides none of these basic rights and protections to President Trump; Whereas the main allegations against President Trump are based on assertions and testimony from witnesses whom he is unable to confront, as part of a process in which he is not able to offer witnesses in his defense or have a basic understanding of the allegations lodged against him; Whereas all witness interviews that have been conducted thus far in the House have been behind closed doors with limited minority participation; Whereas the House’s current impeachment ‘‘inquiry’’ ignores the procedural rights given to the investigating committee’s minority in previous Presidential impeachments, including granting equal subpoena power to both the chair and ranking member of the committee; Whereas, the House is denying President Trump the same basic pre-inquiry rights afforded to President Clinton;

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