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Trump Calls Adam Schiff “Biggest Leaker In Washington: You Know It and I Know It”

It is stunning how the media and the Democrats got the story of the ISIS raid so wrong but we are used to it by now.

The allies aligned against Trump went crazy over Trump not telling the Democrats about the raid and that he told the Russians before them.

It is all BS. The US military deconflicted with the Russia military as we have been doing for years in Syria so as not to start WW3.

There is nothing wrong with this and it is not like Trump called Putin – they deconflict all the time.

Second, the media and the Dems say Trump did not inform the Democrats because he was afraid they would leak sensitive information about the raid.

The charge is that Trump would not trust them with National security secrets and that is a violation as the gang of 8 should get access to that.


But Trump was talking about after the raid – he didn’t want Adam Schiff to leak to the media after the raid was done as he wanted to make the announcement himself Sunday morning.

Trump tweeted out Saturday night that something big happened but he held off the official announcement for Sunday morning.


It had nothing to do with holding back Nat Sec secrets from the Dems and everything to do with the fact that Adam Schiff is the biggest political leaker in Washington.

“It’s been well over well over a month. I don’t know the exact time. All I can remember is one ambassador after another that I’ve never heard of before. That’s where we’ve been spending our time, unfortunately. And, hopefully, we can get past that and get on to, you know, obviously things like this,” Ratcliffe said.

Wojciech Pawelczyk 🇵🇱🇺🇸
.@realDonaldTrump: Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington. You know that, I know that, we all know that

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